About NPO “Helping Children in the Holy Land”


The purpose of the corporation is to contribute to peace over the Middle Eastern region particularly in Israel and Palestine, through the efforts of developing abilities of people on the ground to build their society with genuine justice, freedom and love, and of financially supporting the educational opportunity of children regardless of race or religion. The corporation also organizes seminars in order to share with and advocate Japanese citizens the real voices and situations in Middle East, and directs international exchange programs for the understanding and establishing relationships among Israeli, Palestinian, and Japanese youth.

Classification of Specified Nonprofit Activities

The corporation focuses on the list of areas below in order to achieve the purposes;

  1. Activities practicing human rights and peace promotion
  2. Projects aimed for promoting international cooperation
  3. Programs promoting children’s proper education

Classification of Activities

The corporation exercises the list of specified nonprofit activities below in order to achieve the purposes;

  1. Humanitarian and financial support for children and youth in Israel and Palestine
  2. Research and investigation projects on Israel and Palestine through
    a) Using internet sources and translating them into Japanese
    b) Visiting Israel and Palestine
  3. Japanese citizen engagement through public seminars, workshops, and conferences
  4. Youth exchange programs among Israelis, Palestinians, and Japanese, aiming to
    a) Build relationships among students by emails
    b) Have Israeli and Palestinian students to visit schools and families in Japan
    c) Promoting Israelis and Palestinians to study in Japan
  5. Publications regarding the issues on Israel and Palestine, specifically
    a) Publishing pamphlets and newsletters on regular basis
    b) Establishing and updating a website
    c) Introducing culture in and products from Israel and Palestine
  6. Other miscellaneous projects pursuing the missions


The organization locates its office at 5-8-7-502, Higashi-Nakano, Nakano Ward, Tokyo, Japan.